Mt. Ida Region of Western TUrkey

Thank you for supporting  HATUN® Fine Olive Oils and Our Fair-Trade Mission!

Hatun” is a Turkish name which was used to honor women during the Ottoman period (1301 – 1922). Turkish women field workers account for more than 80% of the olive oil field-work force in producing HATUN® EVOO. We chose this name to recognize the generations of Turkish women who have cultivated olives and produced olive oil without receiving proper credit due to global fair-trade inequality. Current trade policies enable powerhouse member countries to buy & pre-label high quality Turkish olive oil production without leaving any benefit or legacy to the hard-working regional farmers and field workers.  

Our olives are cultivated in the (Aegean) Mt. Ida Region in Western Turkey, which produces some of the finest olives in the world. From tree to bottle, our extra-virgin olive oil is produced using traditional methods that go back generations. Our olives are grown in 100% natural, NON-GMO groves, hand-picked, and bottled in small batches at the peak of seasonal freshness.

Young Turkish Dancers Performing in Traditional Turkish Costume.

Education and Jobs for Turkish Girls and Women

Fewer than 50% of Turkish girls and women are able to achieve the same education and job opportunities as their male peers. Our goal is to improve this negative trend by providing scholarship for girls and by partnering exclusively with Turkish producers that employ a majority of women field workers.

HATUN® Fine Olive Oils scholarship program is in effect as of November 18, 2017. Thanks to our supporters who helped us sponsor Vera and Sultan in 2017 - 2018 school year.

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